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A La Nourish Sampler


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***If you would like a scent added to the Growth Foundations Peppermint Pomade or the Growth Essentials Rosemary Pomade, please indicate which scent you would like in the “Notes” section.***

***If you would like for your growth pomades to be sulfur-free, please add a note in the “Notes” section.***

Indulge…Invigorate…Intensify your hair experience with the A La Nourish Sampler. Packed in a special gift box, this sampler is the ultimate nourishment assortment:

– Growth Fundamentals Coffee Pomade, Sample Size: Perk up your scalp with the Growth Fundamentals Coffee Pomade, a cafe hair-nourishing delight that promotes hair growth and decreases shedding with its buttery texture.

-Growth Foundations Peppermint Pomade, Sample Size: Treat your scalp and hair to a nutrient feast with our Growth Foundations Peppermint Pomade. It’s great at encouraging hair growth, reducing breakage, and relieving tight and itchy scalps.

-Growth Essentials Rosemary Pomade, Sample Size: Banish dandruff and thin edges with the Growth Essentials Rosemary Pomade. Its light consistency allows it to absorb easily into the hair and scalp without weighing it down.

-CeraMoist Conditioning Pomade, Sample Size: The solution for fine strands in need of moisture is the CeraMoist Conditioning Pomade. Its delicate blend of natural nourishers penetrate the hair shaft to maintain the hair’s softness.

-LinoMoist Conditioning Pomade, Sample Size: Amplify your moisture experience with the LinoMoist Conditioning Pomade, a velvety-smooth mango-scented moisturizer that softens the thirstiest of strands.

-Sweet Simplicity Hair Styler, Sample Size: Lock moisture in its place with the Sweet Simplicity Hair Styler, a buttery-smooth and amaretto-scented pomade that adds luster to dull, dry strands and aids in styling the hair. This styler is ideal for fine strands and/or low- to medium-density hair.

-Sweet Indulgence Hair Styler, Sample Size: Ditch brittle strands with the emollient-packed Sweet Indulgence Hair Styler. It seals in moisture and adds sheen to dry and damaged hair. This styler is ideal for coarse strands and/or medium- to high-density hair.

The A La Nourish Sampler is the gift that keeps on giving with a card made out to you or the recipient (please specify if you would like the card to be made out to someone other than you) and a 25% coupon code for your next purchase. The coupon code be e-mailed to you upon order shipment.




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